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Subsea Europe Services builds foundation for unique new subscription-based business model

Subsea Europe Services GmbH, a newly established Hamburg based service provider for the international hydrographic survey industry, has expanded its hydrographic service equipment rental and subscription service portfolio by investing in the latest 4000 m depth rated Sonic 2024 Multibeam Echosounders from R2Sonic.

The new multibeams are ready for use standalone or as part of a fully integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS), with an extensive range of sonar options combined in a ‘survey-ready’ package featuring:

Projector and receiver with 4000 m immersion depth rating and antifouling coating protection for safe and secure mounting on any vessel or ROV

  • Ultra-High Resolution (UHR, 700 kHz), TruePix™ Backscatter, Raw Water Column Data, Pipeline Mode and Multispectral Mode for maximum flexibility on the job

  • Integrated Inertial Navigation System – R2Sonic I2NS Type 2 with GNSS/GPS and standard RTK options for high-precision position and attitude

  • Powerful Workstation with complete BeamworX suite for quick and easy workflows for calibration, data acquisition and post-processing

  • Online UPS for increased data integrity and safety

  • Range of proven and versatile mounting solutions from C4R Maritime Solutions (mounting brackets and modular poles made in Denmark) for quick mobilisation and great results

  • Field Support for quick installation and easy operation.

Subsea Europe Services’ iHSS makes it easy for users at any experience level to select the right configuration for the job, quickly install and calibrate the system on almost any type of vessel available and to deliver outstanding data quality under even the harshest conditions. The user no longer rents or purchases a range of hardware components but receives a survey-ready system from a single source, for purchase, rent, or through Subsea Europe Services’ landmark subscription service.

Sören Themann, CEO of Subsea Europe Services says, “We strongly believe that every organisation should be able to collect and evaluate high-quality marine data. The prerequisites for this are robust, reliable and easy-to-use systems that do not require expert-knowledge to deliver high-quality results, every time. We have selected R2Sonic broadband-wideband multibeam echosounders as the base for our integrated Hydrographic Survey System, because R2Sonic is the worldwide standard for high performance and high resolution multibeam systems and their design philosophy resonates well with our goal to simplify marine data acquisition.”

Cris Sabo, VP Sales R2Sonic states added, “R2Sonic is known for delivering truly innovative products at compelling value and quality. The Sonic series provides superior performance and flexibility in a reliable, light weight, power efficient and space saving package through a business model radically different from the industry norm. The combination of a truly survey-ready package and the new subscription services offered by our OEM partner Subsea Europe Services take this model to the next step.”

The Subsea Europe Services iHSS is available now.


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