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The Autonomous Surveyor USV on it’s way to a survey mission.jpg

Autonomous Marine Survey

Unmanned Surface Vessels for multibeam survey seabed mapping and maritime security applications

A yellow and black autonomous urvey vessel on the water with boats docked in the background

Innovative Unmanned Surface Vessels

Meet Autonomous Surveyor

New next-generation high-speed Autonomous Survey Vessel for subsea  hydroacoustic data acquisition, with low environmental impact

Three offshore wind turbines and their blades

Next generation performance

Fast, flexible multibeam survey platform easily 

launched from a mothership or from shore, ready to leverage the power of new multibeam systems with three times the survey speed

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Extend weather windows and get more data while reducing risk as fewer personnel are needed at sea. Easy Launch & Rescue with practically any size crane also keeps people safe 

Reduced carbon footprint

Fully electric propulsion with swappable batteries delivers unmatched performance and agility while reducing the CO2 footprint of marine data acquisition

New multibeam survey workflows

Unlock new cost and time-saving operations like ‘autonomous swarm survey’ with multiple interconnected platforms managed from a crewed or uncrewed mothership

Transforming the energy transition

Our fast and agile Autonomous Surface Vehicle is used for commercial multibeam bathymetric surveying and maritime security duties at offshore wind farms and other diverse maritime domains

A close up of a laptop screen showing thermal imaging software in the marine environment

True autonomy for marine data acquisition

Autonomous Surveyor is based on the MANTAS T12 platform developed by Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) specialist MARTAC Systems

A close up image of marine technicians working on computers

Maximise resource allocation

Accelerate and optimise complex marine data acquisition workflows with a turnkey marine survey solution including on-site training and support from Subsea Europe Services.


Experience new levels of operator control flexibility, full & semi-autonomous, and human-in-the-loop operations.

three black autonomous surface vessels n the sea, demonstrating maritime security operations

Swarm surveying

Collect exponentially more marine data and massively reduce your marginal costs with large multibeam surveys using several Autonomous Surveyors.

a multibeam echosounder in a blue mounting bracket

Flexible multibeam payload

Using powerful R2Sonic multibeam echo sounder, the Autonomous Surveyor's hydroacoustic package can be configured to any subsea marine survey needs.

A red wind farm support vessel as seen from a yellow unmanned surface vessel used for autonomous marine survey

Launch & recovery

Developed for maximum safety and speed by our in-house R&D department, the Autonomous Surveyor Launch & Recover System (LARS) saves time at sea.

A close up of a night vision camera operating unit with a screen showing a heatmap image of the sea and a pier

Additional sensors

As well as thermal camera, Inertial Navigation, GPS, and Sound Velocity, Autonomous Surveyor can be equipped with e.g., Side Scan Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profilers and chemical sensors 

A yellow and black unmanned surface vessel used for autonomous marine survey and maritime security operations

Extend, augment or transform your multibeam marine data acquisition workflows 

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