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A close up of a white subsea robot just under the surface of the water, showing an orange funnel

Autonomous Underwater Inspection

A.IKANBILIS is a unique AI-powered Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for underwater inspection and monitoring applications

An ooperator working on alaptop showing the schematics and position of a ship

Offshore wind farm operations & maintenance 

Optimising underwater inspection

We leverage autonomous and digital solutions to deliver dependable and cost-effective data quickly and with fewer resources than standard underwater inspection processes at offshore wind farms

Underwater intelligence

Harnessing a state-of-the-art AI controller, our A.IKANBILIS Hovering AUV is designed to simplify and reduce the risk and cost of underwater inspections using a fully autonomous workflow, through planning, surface, and subsea operations to producing actionable reports with geo-referenced hydrographic data and CCTV, without human intervention.

A.IKANBILIS excels operationally in high currents and low visibility, with custom propulsion, electronics, and sensor fusion techniques unlocking new ways of conducting inspections and reporting that save both time and money. 

A new approach to underwater inspection

An underwater robot is in the water with a light on, next to a large ship. In the foreground is a blurred operator with a white helmet

True autonomy

'Launch & leave' autonomous underwater inspection allows for significant cost savings and the use of existing infrastructure instead of specialised vessels

Tetherless operation

Ability to work without a tether reduces the operational risk of entanglement while unique hovering capabilities unlock agility and improve image quality

Dynamic decisions

Autonomous re-tasking delivers in mission flexibility that allows for unplanned discoveries and issues to be addressed and added to the original mission parameters

Current fighting

Current fighting capabilities extend the window of operation so that inspection can continue even as conditions underwater become tougher to work in

Reduce emissions

Battery-powered operation increases speed of mobilisation and enables significant reduction in CO2 emissions while maintaining high performance underwater

Highly stable

With an incredibly responsive control system, A.IKANBILIS offers stable flight maneuvers, with an automatic station-keeping ability that can work even in the toughest of conditions

A small yellow autonomous boat driving away from a ship with crew working on board

Welcome to the Mothership

With the potential to leverage a single crewed or uncrewed mothership as the centre of operations, our autonomous marine survey and underwater inspection platforms introduce new ways to reduce the cost of subsea data acquisition whether its for a bathymetric survey using a multibeam echo sounder, object detection using side scan sonar or structural fatigue monitoring with live video. 

Blue and green swirling ocean waters

Rapid mobilsation

Be on site and ready to inspect quickly, without the hassle of diesel generators and clunky topsides related to ROV operations

All day operation

2 × 500Wh onboard batteries provide up to 7 hours of work: the highest amount of energy for vehicles of this size

Extended endurance

Hot-swappable subsea-rated battery packs ensure the system remains powered and operational for even longer duration missions

Setting new standards for

mobilisation and endurance

Offshore wind turbine blades

Integrate intelligence in your offshore windfarm and port underwater inspection operations to optimise efficiency and data quality

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