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Marine survey technicians operating a laptop. The technician closest to the camera is wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket


Simplifying marine data and analysis for the marine survey, underwater inspection and maritime security sectors

Subsea Europe Service supports professionals in diverse sectors from commercial marine survey

to maritime security and domain awareness

 ship deck with an underwater autonomous vehicle and an unmanned surface vessel

Autonomous Marine survey

A new generation of autonomous bathymetry powered by state-of-the-art survey platforms that reduce the marginal cost of data significantly.

Autonomous Underwater Inspection

Optimise operations & maintenance with agile underwater inspection using AI techniques for efficient, high-quality data acquisition.


Combining our autonomous platforms and expert team of marine surveyors we can quickly deliver the data you need to spec and on time.

With our ambition to simplify the acquisition of marine data for any organisation, Subsea Europe Services puts marine survey technology in the hands of diverse commercial and scientific users.


Our commercial customers include marine survey companies, wind farm owners and operators, ports and harbour authorities, and civil engineering firms while in a scientific and academic context, universities and training organisations depend on us to provide the tools for e.g., climate research and hydrography education.

Commercial & Scientific

Three black unmanned surface vehicles in the sea

Technology rental pool

Easy access to high-performance, field-proven sensors, systems, and solutions for situational awareness and decision support.

Surface Security

Improve security, enhance coverage & boost situational awareness using our Autonomous Surface Vehicles as a force multiplier.

Subsea Security

Boost overall security and reduce risk of diver or sub-surface vehicle incursion with dependable subsea sensors and autonomous platforms.

Combined operations

Small, fast & agile autonomous surface vessels with oversight via autonomous motherships in partnership with our partner MARTAC Systems. 

Subsea Europe Services brings commercial grade marine survey sensors, systems, and solutions to marine security organisations, ensuring the ability to acquire subsea data quickly and cost-effectively.


Because we understand that mapping and observing the marine environment is crucial for situational awareness we have assembled an expert team to deliver the technology, services and support needed to ensure security in the maritime domain. As such, we represent, integrate and service leading brands, making them more accessible for European customers.

Maritime Security

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Find out how the combination of our subsea rental pool, autonomous platforms and expert team can support security at you marine and offshore facilities

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