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A man in hi-viz jacket looking out to sea with binoculars from the bridge of a ship

Maritime Security

Surface and subsea technologies for maritime domain awareness and protection for maritime assets 

Mitigate security risks and threats to commercial offshore and maritime assets with dynamic autonomous solutions on and under the surface

Enhance maritime domain awareness

Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) are game-changers for energy asset security in the commercial marine realm. They can be deployed to augment situational awareness across the maritime domain and with lower costs than deploying crewed vessels to perform the same, potentially dangerous function.

A large grey autonomous speed boat facing a US Coast Guard vessel on blue sea
A small grey autonomous marine survey vessel on a calm sea
A grey unmanned boat with two large outboard engines carrying a smaller grey unmanned boat used for maritime security

The Force Multiplier

Unmanned Surface Vessels

Subsea Europe Services is the European partner of MARTAC Systems, the leading manufacturer of USVs for maritime security applications including the field-proven MANTAS and Devil Ray platforms.

Lower risk - fewer trained personnel can oversee more assets active in the field more effectively than solely using crewed vessels for patrols

Improve situational awareness - Autonomous monitoring and analysis of real-time data, as well as continuous assessment of the maritime domain

Double duties - Resident USVs can be deployed for security and marine survey duties whenever subsea data is required

Surface operations

Situational Awareness

With diverse sensors and high mission endurance in any environment, MARTAC USVs can monitor assets 24/7 providing real-time feedback to a command centre with lower operational risk and cost. Read more 

Mine Countermeasures

Our MARTAC Mantas T12 platform and a MARTAC Devil Ray 24 took part in the Baltops 2023 naval exercise in the summer of 2023, showing their ability to integrate seamlessly into mine countermeasure workflows. Read more

Swarm Operations

The use of multiple autonomous platforms improves security over a wide area while requiring fewer operators. This swarm approach can also be multi-modal, with surface platforms communicating with subsea vehicles. Read more

The platforms


Mantas is a small, high-speed and incredibly maneuverable autonomous platform with clean electric propulsion and diverse payloads. Available as T12 (3 metres) or T8 (2 metres), MANTAS USVs are capable and cost-effective, especially for swarm operations involving multiple vehicles. Enquire 

A small grey ubmanned surface vessel USV on the sea

MARTAC Devil Ray

Available as T24 (7 metres), T38 (11 metres) and T50 (15 metres) Devil Ray USVs are a highly capable threat monitoring, deterrent and intervention platform. Open architecture means they can be built for any application and payload, including the ability to dock with smaller USVs. Enquire  

A large grey unmanned fast boat for maritime security applications

Open Integration

We can deliver pre-configured autonomous surface vessels and subsea vehicles, but our technology and services can be applied to a wide variety of platforms and we are happy to discuss how we can help prepare your own fleet and staff to keep your marine assets protected. Enquire 

A yellow USV and Whit and black ROV just on the surface of calm green water

Improve underwater awareness

Underwater pipelines, cables, monopiles, and other critical infrastructure have become a target in recent years. Fortunately, it's possible to de-risk and reduce the cost of protecting your assets below the surface when using our advanced autonomous solutions and state-of-the-art sensors. 

A hovering AUV on an offshore wind turbine with the wind farm in the background
Two USVs just below the surface of green water
An ROV also know as a hovering AUV ust under the surface with an orange funnel poking into the air. It ilue and white and has a very bright light

A new paradigm

Hovering Autonomous Underwater vehicles

Subsea Europe Services is the European partner of BeeX, the innovative creator of A.IKANBILIS, a revolutionary new underwater inspection robot boasting state-of-the-art autonomous operation. 

  • Increase Efficiency - Reduce time and effort wasted on random search and monitoring missions

  • Enhance Operator Focus - Shift mental load to critical decision-making by offloading piloting and data processing to autonomy

  • Reduce uncertainty  – Enable real-time, multiple-sensor visualisation to provide more context on operational risks

BeeX 01

Visit our commercial sector pages f you are involved in marine survey and underwater inspections at wind farms and other marine facilities

Vessel Hull Inspections

Adaptive Autonomy reduces the need for prior knowledge and accelerates the inspection. It takes just 1 minute to map a 30m vessel and 60 minutes to inspect it 100%. Watch now

Suspicious Object Investigation

Quickly understand the nature of any objects on the seabed and on, or near critical infrastructure without the need to mobilise a full ROV or dive team. Watch now

Underwater Scans & Searches

A.IKANBILIS monitoring and inspections reduce at-risk personnel by 80%. Real-time cloud reporting and geo-referencing delivers 14X faster project execution. Watch Now

Subsea instruments

Subsea operations

Lights, Cameras & Lasers

Our partner Voyis is an industry leader in the supply of laser scanning and LED lighting systems for underwater maritime security applications. Find out more

Underwater Sensors & Telemetry

We partner with subsea technology manufacturer Sonardyne to deliver dependable instruments to navigate, position, communicate, image and measure underwater. Find out more

Extensive Rental & Sales

In addition to our autonomous platforms and technology services, we can provide a wide range of products and systems in collaboration with industry leaders. Find out more

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