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Commercial & Scientific

Platform, process and software development with autonomous marine survey and underwater inspection in focus

We develop autonomous and digital technology to optimise

all aspects of marine surveying and underwater inspection

A yellow autonomous marine vehicle is being wheeled out of a workshop sliding door at night

Research & Development

Innovation at our OTC Rostock facility

Our dedicated R&D centre creates technology and integrations to unlock true autonomous marine survey and underwater inspection operations.

A close up of a laptop showing control systems for an autonomous underwater vehicle. The operator is wearing a yellow hi-viz jacket

Autonomous Marine Survey

Improve HSE and reduce the cost of data acquisition by re-allocating resources to oversee multiple autonomous multibeam platforms. 

Autonomous Underwater Inspection

Checkout the integrity of your underwater assets using modern techniques that provide the insight you need with less impact on your O&M budgets.

Integrated Multibeam Solutions

Acquire bathymetric data fast and without fuss whatever marine survey platform you are using. s44 compliant to the highest level.

Digital Data Management

Make sense of the data collected and help your customers leverage even more value from their investment with cloud-based storage & sharing

Innovation with purpose

Helping you to optimise operations, make the most of your expert resources and deliver high quality marine data on standard and to spec

The surface of the see in bright blue with a Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV visible

Drive down the cost of your marine data acquisition & analysis with new autonomous and digital workstreams

Development workstreams

Autonomy Engine

When platform and multibeam can 'talk', they can do so much more together. Alongside our commercial partners BeeX and MARTAC Systems and research partners including OTC Stone and ARIC, we are creating new software solutions that closer integrate platform autonomy with sensor autonomy.  

Launch & Recovery

Extending the weather window so that our autonomous platforms can work in a wider range of conditions and sea states is a key aspect of our R&D at Subsea Europe Services. As part of this, we have developed and commercialised a unique new USV Launch & Recovery System (LARS). 

Automated Workflows

Our goal is to combine autonomous operations and digital data management to deliver highly automated workflows that creducing the resources required to survey and process data. Our approach improves collaboration and simplifies the sharing of data between all stakeholders.

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