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integrated Hydrographic Survey System

The integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) is designed to simplify marine data acquisition so that users of any experience can select the right configuration for the job, quickly install and calibrate the system on almost any type of vessel available and collect outstanding subsea survey results under even the harshest conditions.


Integration is key to the flexibility we provide for our customers. We have combined all the systems needed into an all-in-one solution, so you only have to work with one provider - Subsea Europe Services - to get the tools and data you need. We have selected only the highest quality components, ensuring reliability and high performance from installation to de-mobilisation.



R2Sonic Sonic 2024 Broadband-Wideband Multibeam Echosounders are the foundation of the iHSS. With focus on quality, reliability and ease-of-use, R2Sonic has set the standard for high performance and high resolution multibeam systems. All Sonic 2024 Systems feature:

  • Transmitter and receiver with 4000 m immersion depth rating

  • Antifouling coating protection for safe and secure mounting on any vessel and ROV

  • Ultra High Resolution (UHR, 700 kHz), TruePix™ Backscatter, Raw Water Column Data, Pipeline Mode and Multispectral Mode for maximum flexibility on the job



The R2Sonic Sonic 2020 Broadband-Wideband Multibeam Echosounder is a compact alternative to the 2024 and is ideal for use in shallow coastal areas, ports and inland waterways. While its size enables it to be used on even the smallest boats, it still provides high performance marine data acquisition.

  • Transmitter and receiver with 100m immersion depth rating

  • Ultra High Density (UHD) up to 1.024 independent soundings per ping

  • Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) 700 kHz Output

  • TruePix / MultiSpectral Backscatter Output

i2NS_IMU-AG25_gnss_antenna (1).jpg


The Integrated Inertial Navigation System I2NS™ Type II from R2Sonic is based on the Applanix WaveMaster™ (0.02° roll/pitch accuracy with RTK) and integrates seamlessly with the R2Sonic Wideband-Broadband Multibeam Echosounder System. 

  • Easy to set-up, operate and control as a standalone system or part of an iHSS

  • Proven precision for vessel roll, pitch, heave, heading, position and velocity (including GNSS/GPS & RTK)

  • The IMU comes in a waterproof housing and is mounted directly on the sonar head to reduce potential errors from inconsistent or wrong offsets

5fa3dda033a8a6648778a50c_IHSS workstatio


In close cooperation with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), we have designed a powerful and flexible workstation (incl. SIM/INS). It comes in a rugged 6U Shockmount Rack from SKB to protect the high-performance electronics:

  • Powerful, flexible workstation for data acquisition to highest data rates (water column data)

  • Accommodates up to 3 x UHD monitors and 1 helmsman display for easy operation at sea

  • BeamworX suite pre-installed with alternative software optional/available on request

  • Substantial post-processing power for high quality final data sets

  • High power laptop available as an alternative



The iHSS survey and post-processing Workstation is pre-configured with a complete BeamworX suite, for lightning fast, user friendly and robust processing of multibeam and single beam echosounder data. The suite includes the following capabilities:

  • NavAQ - Easy Echosounder Data Acquisition

  • AutoClean - Cleaning and validating Survey Result Data the easy way

  • AutoPatch - Fully automated Multibeam Echosounder patch test calculator - your calibration report is just a click away

  • SBEdit - Easy to use Single Beam Editor with Raw Acoustics in the background



Every iHSS comes with AML Oceanographic's Micro•X SV integrated surface sound velocity probe and a Base•X₂ SVP shallow water sound velocity profiler which enable always the highest accuracy for beam steering. The X•Series™ features AML's unique Xchange™ sensors’ field swapability as well as: 

  • Zero downtime due to advanced field-swappable sensor heads

  • Ultra compact, easy to use and integrate solution

  • Sound velocity profiler with choice of 100 m and 500 m depth ratings



To get the best out of the combination of the Sonic 2024 Broadband-Wideband Multibeam Echosounder, I2NS™ Integrated Intertial Navigation System and Micro•X SV integrated surface sound velocity probe, our partner C4R ApS from Denmark has designed a Combined Mounting Bracket that delivers the best performance possible:

  • Easy to assemble and lightweight design made from 6061 aluminum

  • Class 150 4” pipe flange face

  • Efficient fairing design to minimise drag and cavitation and to protect the sound velocity probe

  • IMU mounted directly on the sonar head to reduce potential errors from inconsistent or wrong offset



When choosing an iHSS from Subsea Europe Services, the only thing you need to take care of to professionally deploy your Multibeam and INS on (almost) any vessel of opportunity, is a simple base-plate. Designed by our partner, C4R ApS of Denmark, the lightweight, sturdy and versatile Over The Side Pole Mount System (OTS Pole Mount) that makes it easy, to quickly deploy and adjust your integrated Hydrographic Survey System on (almost) any vessel, only with a simple base-plate installed at the designated position.


  • The all-in-one design with Multibeam, IMU and GPS antennas in one reference frame simplifies installation and reduces potential errors from inconsistent or wrong offsets

  • Ideal for permanent installations and for moving the system from vessel to vessel

  • The OTS Pole Mount let's you retract the sonar head when in transit, saving valuable vessel time

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