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New Compact Hydrographic System Meets Growing Demand For Shallow-Water ‘Gap-Filler’ Surveys

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new compact version of our unique integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS). Called iHSS-Compact, it meets the growing demand for shallow-water ‘gap-filler’ marine surveys and simplifies the acquisition of commercial grade marine data for users of any experience.

iHSS-Compact leverages our technology integration expertise to provide a low-cost, turnkey marine survey package for deployment on almost any vessel. Designed for customers seeking an easy to access alternative to commercial survey vessels for on-demand shallow-water projects, the system is delivered in a single, ‘person-portable’ Pelican case for fast deployment and streamlined set up.

Ready now for rental, subscription or purchase, in many cases, iHSS-Compact can be pre-configured and available anywhere in Europe virtually ‘next-day’, with installation and calibration in less than two hours. Practically plug and play, iHSS-Compact includes everything needed to acquire high quality marine data to new IHO S-44 Exclusive Order standards, including:

  • R2 Sonic 2020 wideband multibeam echosounder

  • I2NS Inertial Navigation System

  • Versatile mounting solution

  • Survey and post-processing notebook

  • Software

  • Cabling

The iHSS-Compact is also available as a dual head system allowing for more than 200 degrees of swath coverage.

“We created the iHSS to simplify marine data acquisition with a lower cost, easier to access solution for when commercial survey vessels are unavailable, too expensive, or too cumbersome for the job at hand,” explains Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services GmbH. “The iHSS-Compact is a natural extension of the concept with specific focus on providing a mobile, flexible solution primarily for shallow-water survey projects that need fast access to high-quality marine data acquisition technology.”


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