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The race from ping to cloud

Together with TrueOcean, Subsea Europe Services has just released a new white paper that details the impact of autonomous and digital technology on the marine survey workstream, especially in the context of meeting new, higher demand from the ever expanding offshore wind industry.

Called ‘The race from ping to cloud’, the paper looks at the entire journey of marine data, from acquisition through to its application in engineering projects such as wind turbine installation or underwater infrastructure development.

Exponentially more subsea data will be required to realise massive growth in offshore wind energy production. In this context, the paper explains how autonomous innovation can radically reduce the marginal cost of marine data acquisition and unlock significantly more survey capacity from fewer resources.

An arrow shaped diagram showing each phase of marine data acquisition
The ping to cloud workflow

As well as optimising the efficiency of hydrographic surveys and underwater inspections using autonomous platforms and e.g., new generation multibeam echosounders, the management of marine data is also integral to supporting the offshore wind sector.

Using a single dataspace for all stakeholders in the value chain improves collaboration and access to both current and historical data, ensuring that information can easily be found and accessed by all stakeholders, from survey company staff to the offshore wind farm owners and operators, and their marine contractors and engineers.

The paper looks in-depth at the new paradigm of harnessing cloud technology to improve marine data management workflows, which together with new autonomous technologies and workflows, will transform every aspect of marine data, from ping to cloud.


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