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Successful testing of R2Sonic Sonic 2026-V multibeam on our state-of-the-art USV

R2Sonic Sonic 2026-V multibeam on a yellow uncrewed marine survey vessel

We are pleased to report significant progress in the integration of two of the marine survey world’s most advanced technologies, culminating in the successful testing in January of our new R2Sonic Sonic 2026-V multibeam as the most powerful payload ever for the Autonomous Surveyor USV.

The key enabler of the integration is a new in-house developed mounting system for safely fixing various multibeam sonars to the Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC), Inc. manufactured T12 Mantas USV. Made from waterproof aluminium for less weight, reduced water resistance, and easier installation, the new mounting system enabled us to test the handling of Autonomous Surveyor with the Sonic 2026-V on-water at our Rostock R&D centre.

The data collected during the trials was of the quality expected from the Sonic 2026-V multibeam, which is to say, very high, and the USV was just as nimble and maneuverable as it usually is when a Sonic 2024 is on board. Overall, it was another successful day on the water for the team (made possible also because of the very recent thawing of the Warnow River).

We continue to optimise the combination of new payload and platform so that we can offer it for Autonomous Surveyor projects in the coming months. Get in touch if you want to learn more about how the forthcoming new capabilities can optimise and simplify your marine data acquisition in 2024. 


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