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Subsea Europe Sevices and RTS team up to meet growing demand from offshore wind sector

Subsea Europe Services and Rental Technology & Services (RTS) have embarked on a new strategic partnership with focus on expanding their mutual subsea equipment rental pools and collaborating to create solutions that will deliver marine survey and underwater inspection efficiencies using new sensors, communication systems, autonomous platforms and digital technologies.

L-R: Freddy Knutsen, Business Developer, RTS AS, Daniel Esser, Co-owner & Director Business Development, Subsea Europe Services, David Currie, Managing Director, RTS UK. Photo take on the RTS stand at Ocean Business 2023.

From its facilities in Aberdeen and Åkrehamn on the west coast of Norway, RTS is an international provider of electronic engineering equipment while the Hamburg headquartered Subsea Europe Services specialises in hydroacoustic technology rentals and autonomous operations, on the surface and below it.

Both companies are already established as leading subsea suppliers and technology developers. Together, they plan to capitalise on their new partnership to ensure that customers in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and further afield have access to diverse industry-leading products and cutting-edge innovations that can optimise offshore and shallow-water surveying, seabed mapping, geohazard identification as well as improving underwater inspection workflows.

“Like many companies, RTS is going through a transition from being primarily an oil & gas business to a key supplier for all offshore energy companies,” said David Currie, Managing Director (UK), Rental Technology & Services. “Our work with Subsea Europe Services will concentrate on the offshore wind sector, and we’re confident that their autonomous platforms especially can support our clients to operate more effectively during wind farm engineering, operations and maintenance.”

“Offshore wind is expanding rapidly and we are committed to ensuring that our marine survey and underwater inspection clients are ready to meet the renewable energy sector’s need for more underwater data,” said Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services. “RTS’ portfolio, infrastructure and expertise will contribute to our subsea rental service as well as our technology development capabilities, and we’re looking forward to the improvements this will unlock for stakeholders in the offshore wind community.”


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