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Cross-industry collaboration on Artificial Intelligence

We are delighted to have recently joined the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg eV (ARIC), a cross-industry initiative to foster skills acquisition, application-oriented research, training, dissemination and application of technologies, methods and research results in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is key to building the autonomous survey systems of the future which can simplify the process of acquiring high quality marine data. This fits perfectly with Subsea Europe Services’ ambition to make marine data available to organisations that don’t have in-house experts, by integrating complex technologies into use-friendly solutions that can be operated by almost anybody.

“Having AI making some of the decisions or simply providing decision support is the next step in marine survey technology,” said Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services. “As a member of ARIC we will get to share knowledge with a wide range of companies and organisations working in and developing AI ecosystems and through this, build our expertise to develop new generations of AI assisted survey solutions.”

ARIC promotes cooperation in Hamburg, nationally and globally, combining the AI know-how and AI activities from more than 40 partners in business, science and society. It also puts on highly focused workshops for the AI community, covering diverse topics from securing EU funding and technology patents to the role of AI in the supply chain and global sustainability.

“While we have very focused plans for the application of AI in marine survey, we believe that experience from other industrial sectors will help us to innovate and bring new solutions that will unlock new ways of working with hydroacoustic technology for the collection of marine data,” concludes Soren.


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