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New Technical Sales Manager joins the team

We’re pleased to welcome Michael Pham to the team, who joined Subsea Europe Services as our new Technical Sales Manager at the beginning of February.

Michael Pham, Technical Sales Manager
Michael Pham, Technical Sales Manager

Michael is working in a key role as we continue to expand the Subsea Europe Services team across the Technology and Operational departments as well as Sales & Marketing, in order to meet the growing demand for our products and services.

Much of this demand comes from our work to develop and establish a fleet of truly autonomous vehicles, including our state-of-the-art Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) for marine survey and security, and our ground-breaking Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUV) for underwater inspection and security applications.

With these platforms, we have also implemented a much sharper R&D focus, made possible by the opening of a new facility at the Ocean Technology Campus Rostock, which is being managed by another new member of the Subsea Europe Services team, Dr. Frank Niemeyer, who joined us at the beginning of the year.

While Frank focuses on R&D, Michael, a young talent with first professional experience in the sales of green-energy technologies and a 100% confirmed ‘Digital Native’, will be working in a more market and customer-focused role. For any enquiries about our products and services, you can reach Michael at

“I’m delighted to join a team with such a visionary outlook and operational strategy to match, and am especially looking forward to meeting established clients and being part of introducing more organisations to the diverse services and capabilities available from Subsea Europe Services,” said Michael.

“It’s great to have Michael on board at such a key stage of our expansion and an exciting new phase in our development focus. We’re confident that his contribution will support our emphasis on cutting-edge autonomous and digital technology in addition to enabling our clients to get hold of the products and services they need,” added Daniel Esser, Director of Global Business Development, Subsea Europe Services.


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