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May 20th 2021 | 10:30 AM CET

As part of the Hydro International Shallow Water Mapping Weeks, Subsea Europe Services presents a must attend webinar for surveyors, technicians and managers...

Optimising multibeam deployment to improve survey mobilisation capabilities

20th May 2021 | 10:30 AM CET


Join our technical webinar to learn about new techniques for configuring, installing and calibrating multibeam technology on vessels of opportunity.

Increasing engineering activity at offshore wind parks has driven new demand for unplanned marine surveys which require a more agile and dynamic response from the industry. Deploying to a wind park >30km offshore on short-notice and with the right equipment on-board is challenging and expensive, however. Finding efficiencies is vital.

Significant gains can be made when installing hydrographic equipment. Often a process taking days, new methods can help to get the job done in an hour or two. For instance, keeping the positioning systems in the same reference frame as the MBES saves time at installation, and enables cleaner data.


This must-attend webinar for surveyors, technicians and operational managers will detail best practice for diverse aspects of multibeam installation and mobilisation.


***Registration is now closed***

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