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New collaboration creates combined Hydrography and Oceanography portfolio

Subsea Europe Services GmbH and Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services C.S.C.S. Ltd based in Nicosia, Cyprus, have entered a new strategic cooperation to share knowledge and services that will simplify the acquisition of high-quality marine data for clients across Europe.

The agreement, which was signed on 1st January 2021, is the foundation for matching the extensive autonomous and long-term water column survey experience of Cyprus Subsea and Subsea Europe Service’s seafloor surveying expertise to provide a harmonised Hydrography and Oceanography portfolio from a single, Europe-wide source. Additionally, both companies will share knowledge on the continuing development of autonomous solutions for marine surveying, developments that will help to bring high-quality marine data to more companies and organisations.

Cyprus Subsea has been providing design, implementation, analysis and reporting services to customers since 2012

Working closely together, the agreement facilitates a new local hub for Subsea Europe Services in the Mediterranean and extends the reach of Cyprus Subsea to Northern Europe. Both partners will be positioned to provide Gliders, Moorings and related services from Cyprus Subsea as well as Multibeam Echo Sounders (MBES), including the state-of-the-art integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS), and ancillary equipment on a rental, sales or subscription basis from Subsea Europe Services.

The combined services portfolio of Subsea Europe Services and Cyprus Subsea includes:

  • Open ocean water column biogeochemical & ecosystem monitoring with gliders

  • Passive acoustic monitoring of coastal and offshore regions, real time or stand-alone, gliders or buoys

  • Wave, current, and water quality monitoring with gliders or buoys

  • Pre- / Post-Dredging Surveys and Progress Monitoring

  • Object search (anchor chains, tools etc.)

  • Cable Route Surveys (incl. depth of burial)

  • UXO Surveys

  • Data Processing and Evaluation

  • Project Management and Client Representation

Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe said, “Adding Cyprus Subsea to our team of trusted partners brings a new dimension to our activity. While extending our geographical reach is in line with our next day delivery goals, the capability to characterise oceanographic processes in and around hydrographic survey sites will give our clients a more complete picture of their study regions and how they are changing.”

Cyprus Subsea Managing Director, Dr. Daniel Hayes, added, “We recently decided to invest in increasing capacity for seafloor surveying and recognised that the complexity of hydrographic survey equipment combined with a lack of accessible expertise are holding back many organisations from collecting the data they need. In the same way our autonomous platforms help users get data painlessly, working with Subsea Europe will solve these problems.”

Subsea Europe Services’ integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) combined with the rapid mobilization survey catamaran of Subsea Europe Services’ partner ProMarine is a highly mobile, all-in-one solution designed to simplify and optimise the collection of hydrographic marine data to the new IHO S-44 Exclusive Order standards.


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