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Supporting Government Procurement Organisations

Subsea Europe Services operates under all three common contract models to ensure we are ready to react to varying needs from different organisations working within diverse budget and procurement restraints. These models are:

  • GOGO: Government-Owned, Government-Operated

  • GOCO: Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated

  • COCO: Contractor-Owned, Contractor Operated

Sales & Systems Integration

Integration is a key aspect of our work for Government organisations as it ensures our ability to deliver turnkey solutions for various applications. We bring together rugged, capability enhancing products from trusted partners and ensure a smooth procurement process regardless of the requirments, while delivering the needed operational performance.

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On-Site Support & Training

We work with professional organisations that excel within their operational parameters, but sometimes they don't have the marine data acquisition skills and experience needed to leverage the power of cutting-edge but often complex hydroacoustic sensors, systems and solutions. Our team can help with knowledgeable product and operational training to exacting standards.


Field support

Augmenting experienced teams or guiding less experienced users, we can send a fully trained and certified hydrographic technology and marine survey specialists to support from installation to survey. Our experts can remain on board for the duration of a project and support at any required level, from taking responsibility for an entire survey to providing verification and guidance as and when needed.

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