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Safe and efficient UXO detection

Sonardyne's industry-trusted portfolio of undersea navigation, positioning, communication and imaging technologies provides naval forces with enhanced situational awareness across the underwater domain.

The entire Sonardyne product portfolio is available from the Subsea Europe Services rental pool. Further, we are working closely with Sonardyne experts to leverage more value through new integrations that promise to improve data quality and simplify workflows.


For commercial customers, our focus is to augment our manned and unmanned vessel turnkey solutions with dependable and accurate USBL positioning using the powerful, easy-to-use Mini-Ranger 2 and Micro Ranger 2. 



Equinox is an integrated solution from Sonardyne Group companies, EIVA and Sonardyne International, jointly developed and offered for Search, Classify and Map (SCM) as well as Hydrographic operations. 

For defence users, Equinox delivers improved area coverage rates for mine countermeasures (MCM). It offers unrivalled stability, position accuracy and results in real-time. At its core, is Sonardyne's Solstice multiple aperture sonar delivering imagery of the highest quality possible from side-scan sonar enabling detection and classification of seafloor objects across the whole swath.

  • Mission ready; designed to support Search, Classify and Map (SCM) and Hydrographic operations

  • Survey more ground in a single pass; effective area coverage rate (ACR) of up to 1.6 km2/hr

  • Along track resolution of 0.15°; best in class delivering maximum detection rates

  • Co-located side-scan image and bathy improves your situational awareness

  • Real-time motion compensation and positioning accuracies better than 1 m DRMS

  • Automatically follows terrain and avoids obstacles

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