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Innovative surveillance and monitoring

As experts in telematics and the engineering of versatile tracking and monitoring equipment, MetOcean Telematics’ Defence & Security products are designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of users.


Whether it’s the innovative naval scoring system Mobile Acoustic Scoring System (MASS) or the trusted iSLDMB™ search and rescue buoy, we provide solutions that can be relied upon when there’s no room for error.


Pablo acoustic monitoring 

MetOcean Telematics manufactures Iridium acoustic monitoring platforms. They are compact lightweight profilers that capture acoustic data for analyzing sound propagation in the top 1000m of the ocean and measure environmental acoustic ambient noise.


The PABLO Iridium® acoustic platform is utilised to detect the presence of marine mammals and to assess the impact of noise pollution in the oceans. It is designed and tested to measure environmental acoustic ambient noise in order to detect the presence of marine mammals, to assess the impact of noise pollution, detect subsurface assets and for military applications.

  • Acoustic Iridium® profiling platform

  • Bi-directional communication

  • Acoustic profiles to 1,000m

  • Real-time data


MetOcean MASS.png

MASS (Maritime Acoustic Scoring and Simulation System

The Maritime Acoustic Scoring Simulation (MASS) is a waterborne, portable, ship-deployable/ recoverable range and training tool. MASS scores and analyzes live-fire surface gunnery exercises, air-to-ground weapons exercises, and other test and evaluation events.


The MASS concept is based on the recognition that a projectile will generate a detectable acoustic event when it impacts water. The characteristics of this type of acoustic event can be detected and accurately located with an in-water array of acoustic sensors and digital signal processing technology.

MASS is delivered as a complete solution including:

  • Vessel base station comprising of standard laptop computer and radio transceiver

  • Vessel based radio repeater with 57 cm long omni-drectional antenna

  • Buoy operating array - typically 6 units to yield accuracy of impact location to less than 1m

  • Each buoy equipped with GPS, radio, hydrophone, radar reflector and flashing warning beacon

MO SAR.png

iSLDMB Search & Rescue Marker Buoy

Timing with Search and Rescue (SAR) missions is critical, and therefore only the most innovative, rugged, and accurate products can be used. MetOcean Telematics has positioned itself as a preferred SAR product manufacturer for coast guards around the world. When lives are on the line, coast guards trust MetOcean Telematics Search & Rescue products.

The MetOcean Telematics Iridium SLDMB (iSLDMB) is an innovative, rugged, and compact A-size Self Locating Datum Marker Buoy. The iSLDMB was designed and tested to meet the stringent performance requirements of coastguards for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the open ocean.

  • Reliable and innovative design

  • Iridium® telemetry

  • Bi-directional communication

  • NATO A-size compliant

  • Air or ship deployable

  • Real-time data

  • Iridium® certified

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