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True Autonomy


New next-generation

high-speed autonomous multibeam survey platform, with low environmental impact

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Autonomous Surveyor is based on the MANTAS T12 platform developed by Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) specialist MARTAC Systems

Technology leading Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) for marine survey and maritime security applications

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Our Fast and agile Autonomous Surface Vehicle is ready for commercial multibeam bathymetric surveying today

Accelerate and optimise complex marine data acquisition workflows with a turnkey marine survey solution including on-site training and support from Subsea Europe Services.


Experience new levels of operator control flexibility, full & semi-autonomous, and human-in-the-loop operations.


See how autonomous solutions can optimise your marine survey operations without risk or capital investment and get high-quality multibeam data fast for your paying clients. 

Available for deployment anywhere in Europe.

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Our fast and agile Autonomous Surface Vehicle is ready for commercial multibeam bathymetric surveying today

  • Fast, rugged and lightweight marine data acquisition solution that can easily be launched from any vessel of opportunity or from shore, with a transit speed of 30 knots

  • Seamless unification of iHSS ensures fast mobilisation and the highest possible data quality, including full compliance with IHO S-44 Special/Exclusive Order

  • Fully electric propulsion with swappable batteries delivers unmatched performance and agility while reducing the CO2 footprint of marine data acquisition

  • High-performance envelope delivers unrivaled resilience in environments and conditions where other commercial USVs are unable to operate

  • Enables new cost and time saving business models including ‘autonomous swarm survey’ applications with multiple interconnected USVs managed from a crewed or uncrewed mothership


Find out how to extend, augment or transform your marine data acquisition workflows 

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