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Underwater Intelligence


A.IKANBILIS is an AI-powered platform for underwater inspection and monitoring applications

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The most powerful Artificial Intelligence combined with tetherless operations and incredible station keeping even in strong currents

Harnessing a state-of-the-art AI controller A.IKANBILIS is designed to simplify and reduce the risk and cost of underwater inspections using a fully autonomous workflow, through planning, surface, and subsea operations to producing actionable reports with geo-referenced hydrographic data and CCTV, without human intervention.

A.IKANBILIS excels operationally in high currents and low visibility, with custom propulsion, electronics, and sensor fusion techniques unlocking new ways of conducting inspections and reporting that save both time and money. 


Core Specifications:

  • Weight: 55KG - 2-man portable

  • Current fighting: 2 knots - sideways and forwards

  • Real-time communication: 300 metres - with a detachable tether

  • Power: 1000 Wh class-leading field swappable battery

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Created by Singapore-based Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) technology innovator BeeX to improve underwater inspection practices, the new A.IKANBILIS HAUV is now available to hire from Subsea Europe Services as a turnkey solution with expert support throughout Europe.

Optimising underwater inspection for wind farm operations & maintenance 

Unique technology developed by an autonomy pioneer

Subsea Europe Services partner BeeX is a Deeptech Engineering spin-off from the National University of Singapore, with a decade of R&D behind it. BeeX designs and build vehicles to redefine how underwater work can be done.


The company has a multi-disciplinary team with experience in marine robotics, autonomous self-driving, electronic design, and naval architecture combining to deliver a step-change in subsea inspection and monitoring efficiency through the A.INKABILIS HAUV platform.

A new approach to underwater inspection

Rapid Mobilisation

Be on site immediately, without the hassle of diesel generators and clunky topsides1

All day operation

2 × 500Wh onboard batteries provides up to 7 hours of work. It is the highest amount of energy for vehicles of this size, to help get more done even in high lateral currents.

Extension of Life

Subsea-rated battery packs and hot swap ensuring the system remains powered and operational for even longer duration missions

Unique technology developed by an autonomy pioneer

With a highly reponsive control system, A.IKANBILIS offers stable flight maneuvers, with automatic stationkeepingability that can work even in the toughest of currents

Underwater inspection with added intelligence

The A.IKANBILIS HAUV expands Subsea Europe Service's autonomous operations offering, which includes the MANTAS T12 USV for IHO s-44 standard marine surveying. Find out how our uncrewed solutions can save time and money for offshore wind farm development and operations...


Integrate intelligence in your underwater inspection operations to optimise efficiency and data quality

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