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Cutting-edge underwater cameras and equipment

As specialists in the ocean science market, serving the research community is SubC Imaging's number one job. With over a decade of experience, the company's attention has been focused on supporting and growing the industry since day one.

Trusted by researchers around the world, SubC camera systems are well-known for their industry-leading optics. Quality research relies on capturing the best images possible and SubC cameras go above and beyond, especially in deepwater and low-light environments.

Built with the harsh ocean environment in mind and to a modular designm SubC cameras are rugged and feature-packed. Further, they are backed by a powerful API that allows them to be easily combined with other devices and software. This makes it easier for to tailor systems for special operations like time-lapse recordings and automated data collection.

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Rayfin underwater stills cameras

 The Rayfin is an extremely versatile 4K and HD, live HD video and high resolution digital stills camera. Whether your research is for marine science observatories or offshore energy using an ROV, the Rayfin camera always enables you to capture the high-quality footage you need no matter the application.

The Rayfin is built to withstand the harshest ocean environments. The durable and scratch-resistant sapphire lens paired with water-corrected LiquidOptics means you will always capture the sharpest images at depths down to 6000m with the Rafin Benthic model and 600m when using Rayfin Coastal. Rayfin camera applications include:

  • OBSERVATORY - The observatory system is purposely made for marine researchers who are looking to collect optical data of offshore underwater locations over an extremely long duration.

  • AUTONOMOUS - The autonomous subsea imaging system is used to capture timelapse HD and 4K videos and high resolution digital stills without real-time control.

  • SUBSEA DIGITAL STILLS - The Digital Stills system combines a Rayfin camera with LED strobes and parallel point or line lasers to collect high-quality subsea data and is easily deployed using a ROV.

  • TOW SYSTEM - The Towed subsea camera system is optimally built for smaller vessels working in a shallow-water depth of under 470 meters looking to conduct coastal research, seafloor mapping and much more.


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