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Integrated systems and solutions

With our triple focus on systems, services and solutions we can configure and deliver the exact survey system you need, when and where you need it.


You can choose standalone components and packages and our in-house integrated solutions, then apply them to any vessel of your choice or we can come and do it for you. 


You can even order a turnkey marine data acquisition powerhouse, using your perfect configuration of sensors and solutions applied to the world's best remote and semi-autonomous survey platforms. 


intergrated Hydroacoustic Survey System

The integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) is designed to simplify marine data acquisition so that users of any experience can select the right configuration for the job, quickly install and calibrate the system on almost any type of vessel available and collect outstanding subsea survey results under even the harshest conditions. 

Subsea Europe Services has handpicked the most accurate and reliable sensors from our partners to make the iHSS a cornerstone in the reducing complexity and helping a wider range of end-users to collect their own marine data on diverse vessels of opportunity.

  • R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders and Integrated Navigation

  • AML Oceanographics sound velocity instruments

  • BeamworX survey suite


intergrated Hydroacoustic Survey Platform

Subsea Europe Services unique iHSP is lightweight, stable and easy to transport towed craft able to provide wide swath, high resolution data to IHO S-44 Exclusive Order standards.


Based on a customised Stand-Up Paddle Board with a draft of just 0.5 metres, the iHSP-2020 can reach areas that conventional small survey craft cannot, making it an ideal solution for surveying tidal flats and shorelines. The battery-powered platform features R2Sonic I2NS integrated Inertial Navigation System for accurate positioning as well as high-speed mobile WAN for remote access and real-time data transfer. It includes:

  • Integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS)  with a Dual Head R2Sonic Sonic 2020 multibeam

  • R2Sonic I2NS integrated Inertial Navigation System for accurate positioning

  • High-speed mobile WAN for remote access and real-time data transfer


Mantas T12 flexible survey platform

The unification of MARTAC’s new, fully electric MANTAS T12, a 3.6 metre ‘X-Class’ Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) and Subsea Europe Service’s integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS) unlocks unprecedented speed, agility and operational capabilities that can transform the marine survey workflow to improve data quality and reduce costs.


The payload flexibility integral to MANTAS vessels reduces the complexity of deploying hydrographic systems and related equipment, paving the way for expedited delivery of this unique solution for commercial users across Europe.

  • Easy configuration of survey system based on the Integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS) 

  • High-speed and highly reliable vessel operations - designed and built for diverse users

  • Optional solar power, its open architecture and modular design allow rapid integration of new sensors and communication technologies

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