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Multibeam echosounders and inertial navigation

R2Sonic was founded in February 2006 by three veteran underwater acoustical engineers; Jens R. Steenstrup, Mark Chun and Kirk Hobart.  They had the mission to leverage their experience to democratize the multibeam echosounder, making it more accessible to public and private companies, by making it smaller, lighter while providing more accurate data.


R2Sonic knows that it is critical to understanding our rivers, oceans and waterways. We are dedicated to not just designing and making the best MBES, we are dedicated to finding data, collecting data, and sharing data so all of us can learn more about the vastly uncharted underwater terrain upon which we all rely.

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Sonic Series Multibeam Echsounders

R2Sonic offers a simplified portfolio of 4 MBES, all with wideband selectable operating frequencies. What sets R2Sonic apart is the ability to customise each sonar with any of the companiy's extensive suite of revolutionary technical modes. You can add any of these options to any sonar at any time and you can upgrade remotely from wherever you are, whenever you need.

R2 Sonic Sonic Series multibeam echosounders ​range from the Sonic 2020 with a sounding depth of 200m+, the Sonic 2022 and Sonic 2024, both with the same sounding depth of 400m+ but featuring different beamwidths and the newest model, the Sonic 2026 which is rated to 800m+ sounding depth. All Sonic Series multibeams feature an array of common funtionality that sets them apaprt from the competition: 

  • Bottom detect resolution: 3mm

  • User selectable operating frequencies: 170kHz - 450kHz (apart from 2020). Can be changed “on the fly” in 1Hz increment

  • 1024 independent soundings per ping

  • Standard immersion depth: 100m, with option 4000m

  • Free firmware updates upgradable remotely

  • Mounting hardware supplied with all multibeam sonars

  • Agnostic to acquisition/data processing software

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I2NS - Inertial Navigations Systems

Further to the Sonic Series of multibeam echosounders​ R2 Sonic also offer state-of-the-art inertial navigation systems. Called I2NS™, the systems integrate seamlessly with R2Sonic multibeam echosounders, providing accurate and robust geo-referencing and motion compensation for hydrographic surveys.


The I2NS™ is an industry proven, tightly coupled solution for vessel roll, pitch, heave, heading, position and velocity, that is easy to set-up, operate and control through the monitoring window built into the R2Sonic graphical user interface. All data flows through a single Ethernet port, eliminating the need for additional processing modules and cabling, which also frees up space. The I2NS™ comes in three types each with varying degrees of accuracy (RTK used as an example here):

  • I2NS™ Type I - 3m accuracy for 60 seconds during GNSS outages 

  • I2NS™ Type II - 3m accuracy for 30 seconds during GNSS outages 

  • I2NS™ Type III - 6m accuracy for 30 seconds during GNSS outages

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