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Commercial & scientific:


Enabling your scheduled and on-demand surveys

Depending on your organization's requirements and your specific way of operating, Subsea Europe Services provides a fast & flexible way to access the best technology for acquiring high quality marine data on your terms.



If you have changing utilisation rates and need full flexibility ask us for our best rental options. We provide on-demand access to the latest technology, integrated into a robust, reliable and easy-to-use system.


If you only need hydrographic survey capabilities a few times a year, ask for our unique subscription service, which provides guaranteed access to the tools you need exactly when, and where you need them.





If you expect to have long-term, high and consistent utilisation for a user-friendly, fully integrated multibeam solution, talk to us about configuring and purchasing your integrated Hydrographic Survey System. 


Support & Consultancy

Once you have selected the technology and configuration for your survey project, the Subsea Europe Services team can support you for the duration, helping you to get the job done to a high standard with our cost-effective professional field support and post processing services.

Field support

Augmenting experienced teams or guiding less experienced users, Subsea Europe Services can send a fully trained and certified hydrographic technology and marine survey specialist to support you from installation and for the duration of the survey. 

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Post processing

Our in-house marine data specialists can help to transform your survey results into meaningful data for any application, from commercial ready  products to easy to digest geophysical reports that can be shared with multiple stakeholders.

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Client representation

As an independent company we can represent end-clients during marine surveys. Our skilled and professional team ensure that the right tools are used to deliver high quality results, as well as monitoring performance including HSE and standby calls.

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Reduce the cost of maritime data

Subsea Europe Services provides reliable and easy-to-use hydroacoustic survey systems that do not require expert knowledge to deliver high-quality marine data. Our unique approach to marine survey technology is as fast as it is flexible, ensuring easy access to the best tools for on-demand and planned marine surveys anywhere in Europe.

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